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During the spring time in Port Fidalgo there is an explosion of life that starts with herring balls bubbling up the coastline, which in turn brings in all manner of sea life. Whales will hang out and gorge themselves with daily meals and just hang out and rest on the surface after feasting. Dall's porpoise will also come into the port, usually in pods of 4 or 5 strong. Each pod will normally stake out an area of the port and just work that area for food. Whats always fun is when your travelling along the coast you will come across these pods and they love to ride the wake of a boat. Sometimes you won't even see them make a bee line for the boat while your travelling and all of a sudden there's ocean spray coming across the bow of your boat. Everyone immediately looks forward and starts to see a pod of porpoise play with the boat, dancing back and forth from one side to another. Then we'll start to leave their area and like a squad of fighter jets, they'll all swing in unison and break off from play time.

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