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North 60 Adventures LLC

P.O. Box 3451, Valdez, AK , 99686


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Daniel “Boone” Hodgin is a passionate wildlife conservation advocate, both above and below Alaska’s shorelines.  He, along with his wife Gina Hodgin, built and pioneered Ravencroft Lodge and continue to improve its structures and expeditions year after year with unique and one of a kind experiences.

Boone considers himself an avid outdoor enthusiast and has become well-versed with the animal migrations surrounding the lodge, allowing him to fine tune his shark and aquatic sealife skills.  He also enjoys sharing his unique experiences with each guest and can often be found telling stories about his many adventures to date.  From the Arctic ice shelf of Alaska to Papua New Guinea.  He holds a 100 ton USCG Master Captains license and Divemaster rating.

He met his wife Gina in Montana.  She graduated from the University of Montana with a bachelors degree in both biology and Spanish.  First traveling abroad to South America to study primates before heading north to help build, manage and conduct guided eco-tours for the lodge.  She's now begun to study and observe the little-known Salmon Shark that migrates to the front door of the lodge each summer.  She also helps conduct research and play liaison to film and documentary companies that frequent the lodge.  She shares her husband’s love of scuba diving and both try to enlighten the local public and guests about the need for shark conservation and problems facing our oceans.

Prince William Sound, Alaska (Port Fidalgo)

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