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Ermine weasels are in my opinion some of the coolest little creatures that hang out around the lodge. They are often seen in a flash, running across a tree limb or scrambling through some under brush. Most times, your first thought is that a squirrel was just in the area. But over the years, a small family of these weasels have made the lodge buildings home. Their main food source seems to be mice or Voles. Equally as fast, these rodents live underground, keeping warm and dry. But weasels can easily access their underground terrain with their slender bodies. Making the voles easy to find a catch. Lately, we've been seeing a parent weasel teaching his offspring the art of seek and hunt. Some days, we can be sitting on a deck and see this mini safari unfold right in front us. Guests are quiet surprised at how brazen these little guys are as well. When this photo was taken, this weasel had just ran across the lodge deck to present his kill to my and group of guests watching the hummingbirds. He stopped 4 or 5 feet from us, stood on his hind legs and said, "I am king around here, look at me!" Then continued down the deck. I had already been snapping photo's of the hummingbirds, so I leaned over the deck and snapped one of him as he carried his trophy home.

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