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Story Time - Blooming Moon Jellyfish

Each summer Moon Jellyfish make their way into Prince William Sound. Its amazing to watch the progression of this as summer starts with one or two Moon's in the water. Then day by day, the numbers increase. Then you start to see small blooms the size of a car, turn into the size of a house. Then these blooms make their way towards the back of the bay and congregate into one or two MASSIVE blooms. These are always a highlight to dive on and each bloom houses its own internal eco system with salmon feeding on smaller fish hiding amoungst the bloom. There are also predator Lions Mane Jellyfish that feed on these Moon's as well. Over the years I've figured out that the blooms will migrate up and down the water column with the shift in freshwater at the surface, so we plan our days activities around this. If you haven't seen one, its diffenently a bucket list adventure!

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