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Moon Jellyfish blooms in Alaska have so much happening in and around them. But you have to sit and observe carefully because not all jellyfish are non stinging in these blooms. The large red jellyfish in the photo is a Lions Mane that can leave divers or swimmers with a nasty sting with their tentacles trailing 15-20 behind them. Whats more interested is that some of these large jellyfish have transient travellers hugging their bells for protection and feeding off surrounding life that just happens to float by. But what are these fish that use these jellyfish for a roaming home? When I tried to ID it, the closest thing I could find was a Gelatinous Seasnail. But one of our past trip leaders has mentioned that a friend of his who is a Pacific Fish Export has recently told him that these are juvenile Oarfish! Which would be a fantastic surprise because Oarfish are a rare species that are not commonly photographed. What do you think? If you have any insight please email us and let us know. (image to right from

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