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Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Watching Eagles dive bomb a herring never gets old. But hearing one glide over you whilst photographing from the waterline is quite thrilling! Its no easy feat to snap a great photo, but when the stars align...its wildlife imagery bliss. The best time of the year to approach nesting Eagles and sometimes transient one's are in the spring. Winter is just coming to an end and waters start to boil with life, aka food. Eagles are always fascinating for me to watch. I can remember a time when I first moved out to Port Fidalgo and seeing an Eagle "swimming" across the port. I thought to myself that she must be hurt. So I jumped in a skiff and went to save her. But as I approached, she shook her wings off and starting to fly into the air... with a large salmon dragging her down. She was able to let go and headed for the treeline, without her meal. I was relieved that she was ok. A couple of years later I saw this same scenio upfold again. This time I was going to watch from afar and video the whole thing. I was excited to see another eagle do the breast stroke across the water and pull a large salmon up across the beach, sit down on a rock and start to devour its hard fought meal. I quickly uploaded the video to Youtube and thought this will surely go viral. Needless to say, it was the 18th video of an eagle swimming with a salmon. Up until that point I had no idea that this is a common tactic for eagles.

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