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So while on a photo-safari with a group, I came across a small pool of salmon that looked like a promising site for bear sightings. We walked along the beach looking for a prime spot to sit and wait. Little did I know that one of the guests had spotted an Eagle in the dense undergrowth while I searched ahead of the group to inspect the area and make sure all was safe to continue. As I looked around, I kept my attention to the immediate tree line ahead when I heard movement not from in front, but from above! Hearing what seemed like a giant branch crashing down on me, quickly turn into a battle scream as a bird that had been quietly hidding above me, screached by. Whats funny, is that the guest had patiently watched all this play out and was at the ready with his camera (as any great photographer would be) to take the shot. Needless to say, my heart jumped into my throat, which is quite evident in the image. That was the last time I let a bird get the drop on me :)

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