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Alaska's Most Unique Underwater Adventures

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Valdez, Alaska

There's so much to explore here in Alaska with four distinct tours. Trips include shark snorkeling and diving, as well as Alaska's famous guided halibut and salmon fishing expeditions! SNORKEL ONLY - Salmon Sharks are reserved for snorkelers since we've found the best way to interact with the sharks is at the surface near the boat's shadow and not actually diving at depth with them. DIVE TOUR #1 - Moon Jellyfish diving is where we focus on diving in Alaska with 3x dives a day.  We showcase the best the area has to offer with the focus on HUGE jellyfish blooms as the highlight of the trip.   DIVE TOUR #2 - Sleeper Sharks are a different tour all together.  There is much more patience needed and lots of time sitting, waiting for the right animal to come to bait.  This is an all day process, everyday until success. These tours only have a few dives. But the payoff is swimming with what may be the oldest animal on the planet. GUIDED/SELF GUIDED FISHING - With fishing grounds literally in front of the lodge, you'll find incredible Halibut and Salmon fishing in calm protected waters! Finish the day off at the lodge campfire talking about the days adventures.

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We are the only operation in the world offering snorkelers the chance to swim with Salmon Sharks and are the authority on Salmon Shark migration, behaviors and feeding patterns.

Celebrating 20 years in business, both Boone and Gina Hodgin have become experts on sharks and jellyfish in Alaska. With years of research under their belt, they've learned how and when to interact with these animals throughout the summer.

​Trip leaders, production companies and divers around the world have used us to gain unparalled access to a pelagic sharks that had previously been extremely hard to find and even harder to swim with.  Come see how North 60 Adventures has opened the door for new shark adventures in the great Alaskan wilderness! Not only are there sharks to see, we've also added new and exciting expeditions for eagle predation from the waterline, swimming into massive jellyfish blooms and jumping in with calved icebergs at Columbia Glacier.  At North 60 Adventures, we want to give you the adventure of a life time! ​They've combined their wealth of knowledge from years of interactions while living and operating North 60 Adventures to bring you an expedition experience in the last frontier, thats like no other! North 60 has all the amenities you'd need for a comfortable stay in the wilderness of Alaska.  You'll also find that not only does the lodge cater to several different types of clientele, its also setup with scuba divers in mind with freshwater to rinse gear and hot showers to soak in at the end of the day.

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Divers will have the added bonus of reaching depths below the waterline to see Alaska's diverse aquatic wildlife that have been referred to seasoned international divers as some of the best undersea scenery they've seen. 

Often comparing it to warm water sites from distant parts of the planet.  You'll also see enormous jellyfish blooms that only occur in a few places around the planet, one which happens to be located in south central alaskan waters.  Swim with hordes of Salmon in clear freshwater streams.


And don't forget
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of brown and black bears, humpback and grey whales, porpoise, sea otters, harbor seals, sea lions and numerous birds that include eagles and puffins.


Without a doubt, this is the only place you can swim and photograph 

sharks one hour and turn around a photograph massive bears the next!

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Jeff Kurr

Discovery Channel Shark Week Producer

"Sharks, Bears, Orca's, Sea-lions, Otters, Grey whales, Eagles and Salmon. Who could ask for more? Thanks for a great trip!"

Lars Dorseth


"If Montana is God's country, then this is where he vacations! Great Food! Great Hosts! Great Time!"
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Andy Dehart

National Aquarium Baltimore

"Ravencroft crew, thanks for a great time. Swimming with the salmon sharks was a blast!"
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