So, my wife asked me to create a poster of her brother and his family took to the lodge this summer (Christmas present). In the photo, you see her, her brother and his wife swimming near an iceberg. During his stay at the lodge, they would get into a philosophical discussion on the state of humanity and where our daily worries lie in developed nations and non-developed nations. Although there is an element of satire, there is truth to the statement. It may be hard for people to understand their point of view unless you have travelled beyond our border. But if you have, then you probably can easily understand this.

“Somewhere in the great expanse of the Alaska Wilderness.. a great battle plays out for an unlikely mammal visiting this once deadly landscape, turned tourist destination. Which iceberg should I b*tch slap?”

Things are put into perspective if you’ve ever been abroad. The furthest point that I’ve personal reached is Papua New Guinea for business, not pleasure (although diving there would have been amazing). I witnessed some things that were beyond disturbing. Leaving an incredible appreciation for the country that I live in. I think everyone should travel to distant places if they have the means. They'd have a deeper admiration of where they come from.

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