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Ok, you might grimace at the quality of this photo, but it’s a GoPro screen grab. This shark hung around for the 2014 summer season and was HUGE. Although you can’t see his claspers, this was a large adult male. I estimated him to be around a solid 10’, maybe more. He had an attitude to go along with his size as well and ended up calling him Dozer. It’s amazing how each shark his its own personality. I remember the first time I jumped in the water with a shark and looked at her at eye level. There’s a lot going on behind that massive black eye regarding intelligence. I often refer to them with a Jurassic Park reference. If Great Whites was a T-Rex’s… then Salmon Sharks would be the Raptors. We never has returned since that year and hope that he still roams that big ocean and didn't succumb to a net or hook.

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