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salmon fish snorkeling and diving

Snorkeling with salmon is more fun than you would imagine.  You get to see one of nature’s greatest migration stories unfold its last chapter as these fish return to the very stream they were born.  Almost every creek that produces a stream of freshwater into the open ocean will have salmon trying to navigate it to spawn and then perish.  Each year, the amount of fish that return can vary. But the numbers usually end up in the thousands, so it’s hard to see any real changes that occur.

During the spawning season, when salmon hit freshwater a unique metamorphosis will happen changing male fish to deform making for interesting photo’s.  The Pink Salmon will have the biggest changes with teeth becoming long, develop a hook jaw and large hump back.  Chum salmon will develop what look like tiger strips on their skin, with colors becoming more bright as they stay longer in freshwater.

There are many streams and creeks that inhabit Port Fidalgo, but after many years of searching for the clearest one’s, we’ve been able to locate two that are very clear and produce the best photos for our clients.  Both creeks hold a variety of different species and include Dolly Varden Trout, Chum Salmon and the more abundant Pink Salmon.  With bears, eagles, seals and orca's after them, these fish can spook easily.  The best approach is to lay still in the water and before long you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of fish, up close and bumping into you from every direction.


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