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Bald eagle snorkeling (best for videographers)

During the spring season our resident eagle population will feed on the incoming herring spawn that occurs in our area.  Birds will often and reliably be seen perched in wait for a fish to break the surface and quickly scream down to snatch it.  We’ve had overwhelming success with our topside photographers producing some amazing topside shoots with birds in flight, talons stretched out in anticipation of the meal to come.

We’ve taken the next step in the evolution of capturing “one and only” shots usually reserved for high end tv productions with endless budgets and endless time to get the shot.  And taken the guess work out of when and where to go, timing, and how to approach without disturbing the birds flight pattern.

This unique adventure can only be done by snorkeling, patience and having your camera settings right ahead of time.  These shots are not impossible but require the correct guidance and timing during the baitfish season.  We'll take you to an area that holds many eagles that fly the same flight patterns enabling us to get you into the sweet spot to capture incredible photography!

Many new and unseen angles are starting to be conceived and this adventure often becomes the highlight of the week.  Just watching the birds in predation mode, hearing the sound of feathers pierce the air and create a sound similar to a jet on a bombing run, can leave everyone breathless to see this occur over and over.

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32' Viking Dive Boat

The Viking is great for small groups and is considered a wet cabin allowing divers to enjoy accessing the heated cabin while waiting for the next dive.  It is a 32' catamaran with dual Honda 150 outboard's.  The cabin is equipped with full electronics, bathroom, heat and seating for up to 7 comfortably.  AED & Oxygen medical kit, Life-raft, first aid and all emergency equipment stored inside vessels cabin.  Captain is CPR and first aid certified.  Divers will have tanks filled with lodge's on shore dive compressor.  We end the day at 2pm in order to ensure enough time is given to fill scuba tanks.  During dive sessions, we use the "buddy system" and do not offer "in water" dive guides, but do give you a detailed briefing so that you can confidently navigate the site with a buddy.  If your group would like to request a dive guide, one can be provided for an additional cost but must be booked at the same time you book your stay.

boat diving



Expedition package itinerary

Trip synopsis: Scuba diving can be amazing at dive sites, but this trip has much more than diving packed into it.  Topside photography for whales, porpoise and bears.  The highlight of the expedition will be eagle predation during the morning with diving reserved for the afternoon!

Remember that sea animals are free to roam the open ocean and topside animals are free to roam the wilderness. There are no fences or nets keeping them to a specific area to ensure sightings.  So please keep in mind that interactions are highly likely during the week, but not guaranteed.  But thats the magic of each encounter and makes it incredibly special!