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alaska whale & wildlife photography workshop

 This expedition takes you to varying landscapes that include towing mountains that are often referred  to as "the mini alps of North America".  Photographers will be amazed at the flurry of activity that can be found during the herring migration in the spring.  During the day we'll visit parts of Prince William Sound where whales can most often be found hanging out, playing and forging.  The area hosts a variety of animals and we take you to known spots of peak activity to see these animals.  At the end of the day, you can relax and share stories at the lodge and wait for darkeness to set in for your chance to see Northern Lights dance across the sky.  These are full days packed with lots of opportunities to fill memory cards!

Breaching Humpback

Humpback Whale

Humpback Fluke


Dalls Porpoise

Bald Eagle on iceberg

 Harbor Seals

 Sea Otters


Tufted Puffins

Sea Lion

Northern Lights Photography


Bald Eagle Photography

Spring brings the peak of our Eagle Photography because they are incredibly active during the herring migration.  We'll start mornings off with this each day when the water is flat and predation is the highest.  Throughout Port Fidalgo there are nesting Eagles and transient Eagles, both dotted along the beach.  Each couple stakes out a small piece of real-estate and perches on the best tree to spot small fish swimming by.  Our resident Eagles are used to seeing photographers in close proximity and make for ideal candidates to watch with baited breath.  Bring plenty of memory cards ready because you can easily fill one up when multiple birds are in the air. 

Eagle flying

Eagle Predation

Eagle catching fish

Eagle flying

Eagle in flight 

Eagle photography


what makes this workshop different from others?

SNORKELING WITH ICEBERGS!    (no snorkeling experience needed & thick 7mm wetsuits provided)

This activity is tailored to adventurous photographers that want to take unique perspectives of Alaska's ice with an immersive experience that leaves you full of kid-like wonderment you simply can't get when standing on a boat.  With a vast array of icebergs to choose from we'll pick the safest one to swim to and explore the area as a group.  The first thing guests notice is how only 10% of the iceberg is visable from the surface, leaving a large part of it unseen under the water.  This is an opportunity usually reserves for Antartic expeditions, but since we operate a dive lodge in Alaska, we can offer this to our guests!

Polar Divers

Polar Diving

Polar Snorkeling

Iceberg in Alaska

iceberg snorkeling


area's we visit in Prince william Sound

During the trip we'll spend time on the eastern side of Prince William Sound exploring from Port Fidalgo to Columbia Bay.  We'll visit known hot spots for wildlife both above and below the surface. Most of the whale activity happens in the Valdez Arm of Prince William Sound, so we'll cross this area several times during the week to put us in the direct path of the annual movement of whales that inhabit the area.  In our travels we'll come across little islands that dot the area that are home to many different species of bird life.  Bulls Head will also be an area we'll visit where you'll see an active Sea Lion colony with Puffins nesting in the cliffs next door.

 Columbia Glacier

 Port Fidalgo

 Bulls Head

Rocky Sea Spray

Columbia Bay

Expedition package itinerary

Trip synopsis: Small group size.  Remote lodge in the heart of Prince William Sound.  Private boat for topside photography with a focus on whales and eagles during the week.  Only photography tour in Alaska offering snorkel photography tour of icebergs.

Package details: 7 day/6 night Photography Tour.  First and last days are travel days.  Includes 5 total photography days.  Transportation from Valdez, AK to the remote Ravencroft Lodge and back is included.  Double occupancy rooms.  Self-guided paddleboards available at lodge for evening use.  Alcohol/soft drinks, large heavy snacks & gratuities not included.

Travel details: We recommend that you arrive a day before and leave the following morning from your departure day from the lodge.  Allowing time if there is a weather delay on your flight in/out of Valdez, AK as this may happen from time to time. 

Disclaimer: Remember that animals are free to roam the open ocean and topside animals are free to roam the vast wilderness. There are no fences or nets keeping them to a specific area to ensure sightings.  So please keep in mind that interactions are highly likely during the week, but not guaranteed.  Guests will need to sign releases before visiting the lodge and snorkelers must be able to swim and be in good physical condition to pertake in all activities.  Northern Lights: May 1st, the sun will set at 10pm and May 31st the sun sets at 11pm.  Weather plays a huge factor and clouds can spoil your success to capture a solar storm erupting.

  • Group Size: 6
  • Time Period: May
  • Tour Focus:  Whales, Eagles & Iceberg Snorkeling
  • Day 1 - Travel day from Valdez, AK to Lodge.  Depart at 12pm. Lunch not included.  Look for whales in route for lodge.  Arrive in time to settle into guest rooms and have dinner.  Lodge orientation after dinner.
  • Day 2 to 5 - Mornings will be spent on Eagle photography during herring predation.  Later turning our attention to whale photography throughout Prince William Sound aboard private vessel.  We'll travel out into known whale migration routes to give guests the past chance to see feeding, breaching and tail slapping.  
  • Day 6 - Sea Lion Rookery, Puffin Sanctuary and Columbia Glacier.  This is where we'll snorkel with icebergs giving photographers an over/under perspective of these icy blue behemoths.  7mm insulated wetsuits are provided.  We just need size info from each guest ahead of time to ensure correct fitting.
  • Day 7 - Travel day back to Valdez, AK.  Depart Lodge at 9am.  Arrive in Valdez approx. 12pm.