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alaska bear & wildlife photography workshop

Brown bears are often found in the tidal pools or streams forging for salmon.  They have a particular style of "fishing" and stay close to their feeding hole.  Black bears however are often seen traversing the coast, along the bearch.  This is simply because they are often much smaller in size then the Brown bear and don't put up much of a fight when trying to stake a territory.  Size rules when it comes to the best feeding area's.  So keep your eye's on the beach front bewteen streams. 

Brown Bear

Black Bear

brown bear

brown bear workshop 

bald eagle




Harbor Seals

Harbor Seal

Sea otter

Sea otters

River Otter

Northern Lights


what makes this workshop different from others?

SNORKELING WITH JELLYFISH BLOOMS!    (no snorkeling experience needed & thick 7mm wetsuits provided)

This activity is tailored to adventurous photographers that want to take unique perspectives of Alaska's diverse wildlife and don't limit themselves to just taking topside photo's.  Most people don't know that there is an annual migration of Moon Jellyfish that swarm during the summer months in Alaska.  But you won't find these blooms just anywhere.  The temperture, clarity and current must all be factored to locate a bloom.  Lucky for us, Port Fidalgo more often then not provides the exact ingredients to produce massive blooms constanty for a couple of months during the summer.   Be prepared to see the greatest spectacle under Alaskan waters!  These blooms are mesmerizing to watch and are often described as Alaska's underwater Northern Lights show.

Capture images very few photographers have seen in Alaska!

Snorkelers in coldwater

Lions Mane Jellyfish

Snorkeler in Alaska

Moon Jellyfish

Alaska Jellyfish

SNORKELING WITH SALMON!    (no snorkeling experience needed & thick 7mm wetsuits provided)

The most well known migration in Alaska is the annual salmon runs that occur throughout the state in the summer.  These fish run a gauntlet of obstacles from commerical fishing, Orca's, Bears, Eagles and stream fisherman to make it far enough up to spawn.  We will swim with them just as the reach the beach during their transition from ocean water, to fresh water.  This is a sight to see from the above water and makes for dramatic images below the water. 

Chum Salmon

Snorkeler with Salmon

Pink Salmon


Male Pink Salmon

swimming with salmon

salmon stream gif


area's we visit in Prince william Sound

During the trip we'll explore the coves and bays of remote Port Fidalgo.  We'll visit known hot spots for wildlife both above and below the surface. We'll use both large and small boats to gain access to shallow water area's and sometimes traverse beachfront to get as close as safety will allow to capture intimate moments with wildlife.  These tours require guests be physical fit enough to partake in each days activity, so please bring good hiking shoes and be ready to travel by foot on some excursions.

 alaska waterfall

 Alaska wilderness

 Alaska drone image

Prince William Sound mountains

Expedition package itinerary

Trip synopsis: Small group size.  Remote lodge in the heart of Prince William Sound.  Private boats for topside photography with a focus on bears and numerous other wildlife during the week.  This is the photography tour in Alaska offering snorkel photography tour of jellyfish blooms and salmon.

Package details: 7 day/6 night Photography Tour.  First and last days are travel days.  Includes 5 total photography days.  Transportation from Valdez, AK to the remote Ravencroft Lodge and back is included.  Double occupancy rooms.  Self-guided paddleboards available at lodge for evening use.  Alcohol/soft drinks, large heavy snacks & gratuities not included.

Travel details: We recommend that you arrive a day before and leave the following morning from your departure day from the lodge.  Allowing time if there is a weather delay on your flight in/out of Valdez, AK as this may happen from time to time. 

Disclaimer: Remember that animals are free to roam the open ocean and topside animals are free to roam the vast wilderness. There are no fences or nets keeping them to a specific area to ensure sightings.  So please keep in mind that interactions are highly likely during the week, but not guaranteed.  Guests will need to sign releases before visiting the lodge and snorkelers must be able to swim and be in good physical condition to pertake in all activities.  Northern Lights: August 1st, the sun will set at 11pm and August 31st the sun sets at 10pm.  Weather plays a huge factor and clouds can spoil your success to capture a solar storm erupting.

  • Group Size: 6
  • Time Period: July & Aug
  • Tour Focus:  Bears, otters, seals, various wildlife and salmon/jellyfish snorkeling
  • Day 1 - Travel day from Valdez, AK to Lodge.  Depart at 12pm. Lunch not included.  Look for whales in route for lodge.  Arrive in time to settle into guest rooms and have dinner.  Lodge orientation after dinner.
  • Day 2 to 5 - Photography throughout Port Fidalgo, looking for feeding black and brown bears in known salmon spawning creeks.  We'll travel in small skiff/skiffs to access the best locations to get the best bear encounters.  We'll also encounter various alaskan wildlife including seals, otters and eagles.
  • Day 6 - The highlight of the week will be our aquatic activities when we snorkel with massive jellyfish blooms and swim amongst the salmon migration.
  • Day 7 - Travel day back to Valdez, AK.  Depart Lodge at 9am.  Arrive in Valdez approx. 12pm.